And now im with Ren cuz He can steal everyones girlfriend (? xD
So, apparently, after making out (? we are havig some deep talk !
So, I started playing uta no prince sama Sweet serenade and :T I dont undesrtand anything

#that’s the face of someone who has given up  #and i don’t like it  #he’s given up on being the one who helps haru  #he knows that’s rin now  #and it fucking PAINS ME

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Free! ES Episode 12

I kinda liked this episode cause Makoto wasnt left behind like I in my depressed thoughts about episode 11 thought he would be, and Haru now has a dream!! that Im sure that is going to make everyone happy :’D Im not sure if he wants to go pro, i think that he wants but, he know has a dream so :u and of course Rin’s english was killing me xD i love it

And I like the fact that there was a episode for Rin and Haru, just them, because to be honest, they are friends too, and  they have to talk about Rin’s future just like Makoto’s it wasnt as surprising as Mokoto’s but… xDD

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